New to this, take me to school

  1. New to this, take me to school

    I'm probably not going to get out exactly what I want from this but I'll try anyways since I am new to the game and want to get rid of as much ignorance as possible that I may have. Essentially I want to break this down into segments such as, here's what I'm about to do, here's what I'm hearing to do or reading, and here are my questions. I am going into this with a calcified torn fiber in my minor pectoral region that no longer is a nuisance, and a slight injury on my bursa sac that also is no nuisance.

    What I'm about to do:
    Looking to run a 10 week cycle of Test Cyp with Adex as an AI and a Clomid/Nolva mix as my PCT and a natural test boost. I plan to dose 500mgs of test a week and 0.5mgs of Adex EOD. I am running 9000mgs of Fish Oil since I am hearing mixed reviews on Winnstrol for collagen synthesis, and do not have a trusted source for Deca(even though the 600% increase in collagen would be great.) After, I will wait 2 weeks to start my PCT to let my test levels taper off.

    What I am Hearing:
    Given my injuries I posted above, I am hearing a plethora of advice on injuries during cycle. It was suggested to me from a doctor that glucosamine will help deliver the nutrients to my tissue, on the other hand a friend of mine who is a complete book of knowledge said glucosamine has only been scientifically proven in horses. I am also hearing that since my injuries are minor, if I do it correctly by seriously listening to my body on cycle I should be well off. Case in point the doctor I spoke to actually has the exact same calcified torn fiber in his pec, and has dealt with it for a couple years while still making gains as long as he warms up and stretches correctly. (He basically stated that if I repeat this process of stretching, warming up, and rubbing it out, it will work itself out)

    My Final Questions:
    1. Without a DHT blocker, am I going to lose my hair?
    2. I have heard that the correct dosage of Adex is either 0.25mgs ED, or 0.5mgs EOD. However the only Adex supplements I am finding come in liquid form in a size of 30ml vials. If I did my math correctly, than that comes out to an EXTREMELY low does of Adex which consequently leads to one vial lasting virtually a lifetime at such a low dose for 10 week cycles. So am I missing something?
    3. Is there anything out there I can be doing for collagen repair besides Deca and Winnstrol?

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated


  2. Yeah that was me, I am new to forums and that one disappeared which tells me either I violated the forum rules, or something else may have happened gliche wise. I figured I would repost and if it gets taken down twice well, then I know I went about this the wrong way in which case I apologize

  3. On second thought, I suppose it didn't disappear after all...

  4. 1. no dht will not make you loose hair. best buy is dutasterid
    2. whats the concentration in 30ml?
    3.don`t know that

  5. Thanks a lot for the help man I appreciate it


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