T-gel from lion nutrition

  1. T-gel from lion nutrition

    Has anyone ordered T-gel from lion nutrition lately. I just got some and is different from the T-gel I've used before although it was advertised the same on the site. The gel I had before was white and only 4 oz. This is blue and 8oz. Does anyone know if they've changed it at all. If this is the same formula as the original 4oz. version would that mean I could put twice as much powder in and get two cycles out of 1 bottle?

  2. oh and also, I was looking around the forum to see how much 4AD would be good per day. I plan on doing an all 4AD dermal cycle and was wondering if someone could break it down to how many grams of 4ad per ml's of t-gel would be good to mix considering my question in the post above.

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