How to train after PCT.

  1. How to train after PCT.

    Lets say I finished my first cycle on 500mg of Test E. I have also completed PCT and managed to keep gains. What's next? I wouldn't want to cycle for another year, how should i train to maintain? i know I need to eat my new maintenance calories but I am not sure on how to train post PCT.

  2. You train the same way bro.. you don't go as heavy as you did on a cycle but you don't go too light where you gonna stop growing. I would look into a product called bridge. it is suppose to hold you between cycles. but you want to eat and train enough to keep your gains.

  3. I would Definitely try to push as close to the amount you were doin on cycle at the sacrifice of volume

  4. While you can't go to the intense training you were able to do I cycle, you can still push yourself in there for sure. Just train hard and eat to accompany it.

  5. Here is how I always train, whether on cycle or not. I go based on reps 6-10 1 warmup then 4 working. As long as I am failing in my rep range I am happy. Setting weight values to lift is ridiculous, for the simple fact that you have good days and bad days. Sure I can bench 315x2 on a good day but will that mean I can do it well everyday, in a word no, in a statement hell no.

    If it is difficult it is good, at least thats the way I look at it. If the warm up is more difficult then normal I wont go up quite so high. Of course I do reverse pyramids as of late so it might be different for other programs but difficulty is more important then weight in my eyes.
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