Ug pharma vengeance questions epi/halo

  1. Ug pharma vengeance questions epi/halo

    I haven't bought this yet but I was wondering if there would be any libido issues with this? I don't have the dosage on hand

  2. That combo will fk with your libido... so you better be prepared, altho, stacking 2 methyls is awful, you will stress your liver, you say you dont have the dosages on hand, i guess the dosage is minimal in order to avoid severe liver damage.... if so, then your better pick one compound and dose it high, i barely can see a benefit stacking 2 orals at minimal dose.... the only sense i see in that stack is epi acting as an AI... but again halodrol dont give too much issues to worry..... also i must say, id prefer epistane over halodrol ... but both are great compounds

  3. It's epi and halo in one I believe 25 mg halo 15 epi

  4. I took this and got good gains off of it. Was my first ph cycle. Was happy with the results. Gained about 10 lbs and kept 8. Strength went up on everything. I filled out too. Exactly what I was looking for with my first cycle. Didn't have any sides either

  5. I just did 30 day cycle and had no issues at all. Great fat burner!



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