LMG-25 dosage problem

  1. LMG-25 dosage problem


    D-Zine 30/30/45/45/45/45
    M-LMG 100/100/100/100/100/0

    But the bottle of LGI LMG-25 says do not exceed 3 pills (75 mg) a day, which I am doing, and do not exceed 4 weeks, which I am also doing. Is this ok and just the company watching its own back or should i change it? I hear anything under 100 mg is useless..

  2. No, under 100mg is not useless. I can't advise you to take over the recommended dose, but i can say that personally i've run it higher than the recommended dose.

    I sure hope this isn't your first PH run. Rhetorical statement, because i know the answer lol.

  3. thanks man.. 2nd opinion bump?

  4. Pretty much everybody here is running the dosage higher and usually the length longer than the bottle recommends. This is just the companies covering themselves. I mean people are running things like epi and many others at as much as twice the recommended dose on the bottle. Your good to go bud, no worries. I plan on running LMG with SD after another cycle or 2 and I guarantee I will be over 100. Also starting a DMZ cycle in a week and will prob hit 60 on last week or 2. Of course if you start to have unbearable sides at these higher doses then you should lower. Hope this helps.

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