chaparral labs Trenavol-v only cycle ... my experience

  1. chaparral labs Trenavol-v only cycle ... my experience

    Hi, I am a new member and have used this website for information and thought I would give a quick review of this product to give something back since there is not much on this.

    I dosed the product at 90/90. Yes only the two weeks as I experienced major headaches along with severe mood changes. Sex drive is hit pretty hard on this stuff and it was not worth it.

    As far as the product, it did shut me down even in the two weeks (balls definitely smaller) but there was no real change in strength or body composition. A total waste of time. Perhaps it is best stacked with a methyl compound. Perhaps I should mention I was aiming to cut and maintain lean body mass with some strength increases.

    I was contemplating whether to do a pct or not and have decided to run Nolva 10/5 and clomid at 50/25 with aromasin and caber on hand if needed which I highly doubt.

    Currently on second day of PCT and hopeful I will get my test levels back up soon.

    I hope this was not too vague but all in all I do not think this is a product to be taken solely on its own or at all. I have tried an identical compound by generic labs called x-mass (discontinued) which was much better and did not cause any problems and was slightly higher in dosage, so based on that I really do not recommend this product.

    If there are any opinions on my pct I would be glad to hear them, I hope it is not overkill.

  2. 2 weeks, wtf, if this for real.

  3. Yes I am for real, the side effects to me were not worth it for zero gains. Two weeks was enough to tell me that. Maybe the product just did not work for me although I have used an identical compound before made by another lab, which makes me wonder what the hell is in this.

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