Old Serms

  1. Old Serms

    Will be coming off a 6 week Helladrol cycle in a few weeks. I have one sealed bottle of Nolva and one half bottle of Clomid. They have both been stored propely but are a year old or more. Use them, or lose them? Thank you for your time.

  2. Bump for info

  3. Should be good, as long as they were stored properly. U'll know a by mid week 2 if they are not

  4. I had some 50mg clomid tabs leftover from the mid 2000's....a good 5 years or more old....I ate them shyt's to kickstart PCT then went with my brand new 25mg tabs to finish it out....only one blister full, so maybe a week or so's worth....but they tasted like they were still "good" ...as for liquids? I'd be MUCH more suspect on that....liquid makes for a bad vessel as far as shelf life goes....but its not like its been that long, a year is really nothing....

  5. You would be pop'n 5 year old pills.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    You would be pop'n 5 year old pills.
    Yeah I'm the type of motherfuqer who doesn't let "expiration dates" dictate my decisions .....I got some metrx packets that expired in '06...dirty ass looking packets and all, i was gonna take that too but decided to eat whole food instead LOL....I DID take two scoops of Evopro protein on sat/sun since my Isopure wasn't getting here until monday (2 days ago), and it was expired in early '11 LMFAO....

  7. I buy expired supps all the time. And the use them as suppositorys, that voids the expectation date

  8. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    I buy expired supps all the time. And the use them as suppositorys, that voids the expectation date
    hahaha....a fellow bargain shopper! actually I either buy stuff online that ends up being expired and the dipshyt's didn't pull it off the shelf and end up selling it...or I leave things laying around for years then in a pinch I need some protein inbetween shipments so I just mix it up and drink it with no regard for human life....


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