what should i use??

  1. what should i use??

    first off, i'm digging this site, nice work..ok, here's the real question for you guys: i am planning on doing a fina cycle and would like to try to implement some prohormones in with it. the only problem is that there are so many kinds out there that i have no clue where to even start. i have been doing alot of reading and searching here, but i am still kinda in the dark. i've done PH's before (long time ago, bout 4 years) and also dipped into the AAS also, so i am not really a novice to hormones and stuff. if you guys could recommend some stacks, that would help out a ton..oh yeah, i'm currently 190# w/ around 5-6% BF and i am looking to bulk up..any info would be great, thanks in advance bros...

  2. You could do a fina and 4-AD stack, that would be the PH I would add. Should help you out in the libido dept, as well as help you retain some water if you are bulking. (I like water retention if truly bulking )

  3. do you think i should take the 4AD orally or do the transdermal thing, such as the T-1 or T-1pro?

  4. I suggest the transdermal myself, especially if you have it mixed with the t-1 pro

  5. sorry if it seems like i'm beating a dead horse or anything, but if i was to get the T-1pro and the T-4 lotions, would that be sufficient? also, how much per day should i be taking? or would it be possible to get the t-1pro and then just buy some 4ad powder and mix it in?

  6. You don't really want ay 1-test. It has the same properties as FINa.. But you will want to add the 4-ad.. Get the T-4 it has 12g of 4-ad in a transdermal.. Don't get any oral 4-ad.... As far as dosage I suggest around 300mg/day. That woudl be 3squirts of t-4/day.... This will last you 40days. So depending on how long you will want to run it you may need 2 bottles. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya...
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