1 year Bulk, from 185 to 225!!!

  1. 1 year Bulk, from 185 to 225!!!

    The 1 yr bulk from 185 to 225ish

    Ok I changed where my 1 year log is located cause this section is more suitable i think. Above is from 6 weeks ago to current. Before I started this insane 1 yr bulk thread I had been about 9 weeks into the bulk on test 400mg, eq 500mg that started at 175lbs and 10% bodyfat. I lost a ton of mass cutting natty and decided to take the plunge and just start trt( read my 1st post for details). Anyway Here s some stats changes from 175 to current 191.

    waist 33.5-35.5
    arms cold flexed 16.25 to 17.5
    thighs 24.5-24.5 (hami injury, slowly coming back)
    chest 44.5-46.25
    calves 14.875-15.25

    Current cycle is Tren E 300-350mg a week
    Test E 325mg a week
    Letro .75 mg a week
    Liquid prami standby

    PR's and training schedule are like dis yo

    day1 chest and biceps (bench 225X14, 295X1 during w/0) (preacher curls
    day2 back and tris (t-bar rows with 4 platsX7) (very CG bench 225X6)
    day 3 legs nothing to brag about here (hack squats going very low 360lbsX10)
    day4 Lats and side delts (25 bw pullups/bw+45lbsX7)
    day 5 rest and repeat

    And heres my beast of a wife soon to compete in physique:



    Amanda's Videos


  2. You need to get her in the athletix hott girl competition!

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  3. ^^^Not sure Ive heard of that one. She s a beast fosho. She s been training under 2 years and just has amazing genetics to build muscle and maintain low bf

  4. Its some where In The forum I don't know how to share links not a computer need unfortunately!

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  5. weigh in 191.9

    Im starting to see the strength and a constant pumped look. My wife used the word a synthetic look...I like the sound of that! Anyway, After just 1 week on I was able to hit pr's on the bench. I started getting back to light leg workouts without any hami pain. As far as sides with tren I look like Im doing cardio when Im really just doing weights with long breaks. Im sweating, short of breath and the last 2 days I woke up like 10 times a night. But right now I feel rested despite this. I think Im gonna try some low dose prami tonight before bed. I also have some sleeping pills stby.

  6. This morning 193.4lbs

    Weight starting to come on. Pumpd look staying all the time. Headaches are gone. sweats are going strong. Some improvement in SOB. No new sides and Im now running .2mg of prami at bedtime and sleep restlessness has subsided. Tonight I hit legs and had a great workout despite working 12hrs on my feet. Knees are bothering me so I prematurely ended squats.

    leg extensions: 135X20/160X18/205X12
    Leg curls: 70X20/100X12/110X12( still taking it easy on the quad
    Hack squats with 4 plates 3setsX12(lots of knee pain)
    leg press: 360X20/450X16/540X10/630X10---Kness to the chest on all reps. this is more than I normally do but I didnt do heavy squats before so Idunno.
    BB calve raises: 225X25/315X15X3
    single leg calve raises with 45lbs plate in hand. 20/18

    I need my legs to catch up after injury. lets see what i CAN GROW

  7. Chest

    BB bench:225X8/245X8/275X4/315X1(PR)/275X3/225X12
    incline: 185X12/205X10/225X5/225X3

    preacher curls:110X17/110X15/110 with wifey pulling down for negatives
    hammer curls: 65X10/65X10/45X15

    Strength has jumped big time in only 2.5 weeks. tren is da ****! People are starrring and my wife said Im looking synthetic


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