Aromasin dosage during Trenavol-V cycle ?

  1. Aromasin dosage during Trenavol-V cycle ?

    Dear Anabolic Mind users,

    I have Aromasin on 10mg per cap. Is it wise to use Aromasin during a Trenavol-V cycle with 10mg every day just to prevent gyno? Or should I start 10mg every day startin' from the 2nd week during my cycle? Should I start with 20 mg every 2 days? Can you users help me on this ?

    Thank you all! :-)

  2. Im guessing trenavol v is a prohormone that is a progesterone based anabolic meaning that aromasin will do nothing whatsoever to combat any gyno that may come as the gyno doesnt come from elevated estrogen. You need caber or prami to combat prolactin gyno. There is also a herbal remedy but I cant remember what its called. Hope this helps

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