Advice on when to start my Halo Extreme

  1. Advice on when to start my Halo Extreme

    First off thank you for all who helped me with advice in my previous post. I am ordering my Ph, supps, and SERM today but I need advice on WHEN to start. I ask because I have 5 days left of a 4 week cycle of erase pro and D-pol. I had BW done last week but probably cannot use that as a baseline. So my question is should i finish the erase Pro and D-pol and take 2 weeks off get BW, then start Halo? or Stop what I'm taking now wait 2 weeks get BW and start/ Just want some advice on what you all would do.My stack is like this by the way

    Pre cycle week 1-2 will start to load on Liver supports and tuarine.

    Week 1-6. Liver support , Tuarine, 2 pills a day anabolic matrix by iron labs, 2 pills a day of halo extreme

    PCT: Weeks 1-4 Liquid Clomid (not sure on dosage yet), 1 pill Erase Pro, 3 Pills D-pol, 3 pills of OSTRA-RX
    weeks 4-8 1 Erase Pro, 3 pills D-pol

    Supps that will be ran through out: Triple Omega 3 pills a day, C4 Pre-workout as needed, Muscle Pharm RECON as needed. Optimum Nutrition gainer 3-4 shakes a day with 1 cup oatmeal and half banana, blueberries and strawberries, about 800 cals a shake :]

    Can you guys PLEASE advise me. Im ordering stuff as we speak lol :]

  2. UPDATE: Just ordered EVERYTHING Im pretty excited :]

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