Letter from one my states Senators regarding PH Ban...

  1. Letter from one my states Senators regarding PH Ban...

    Here is what Darlene had to say....
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  2. We'll that does not look good.

  3. Involving steriods use?! LMAO! These people truly are total **** ups! Anarchy!

  4. The 'controlled substances act' is a pile of BS. There are so many 'watched' and listed chemicals on that thing that its a wonder they can even keep track of them. Health risk. Ill tell you what a health risk is - sitting on your fat lazy ass in the senate making laws that infrindge on the rights of us 'free' (<--note the sarcasm)citizens. Instead of wasting all those tax dollars trying to enforce these insane laws, howabout some government funded research into anabolic chemicals to make them safer? Naa...that would be too good of an idea. Nothing our gov't would want to take part in...

    Sorry about the rant...

  5. This is totally horse****e. Reading her letter, it looks like a template that most senators are given en masse. And what kind of an expert on this issue is she? What a load of tripe...

  6. Doesn't look too good. Jake, thanks for the heads up.

  7. they dont understand ph's enough imo... why dont they ban smoking?!?! bastards... kills how many people a year? is 1t pro addictive? no... how many people die from them yearly? maybe one who dropped a weight on his chest from doing increased weight (hehe)..

    not only that but if these are taken in reasonable dosages they are very safe.. just like advil, if too much is taken it can be very harmful yes... what a bunch of bs!

  8. Does anyone know when this bill is up for a vote? How long do we have to stock up (legally that is)?


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