So i been researching and i thought about doing a furuza-a and androbulk cycle but i was thinking it might be a bit pricey so I have came up with this cycle. Please let me know what you all think? also thought abut helladrol but i rather stick to non-mythel cycles.

1-6 Katanadrol 250/250/300/300/300/300
1-6 AndroHard 6 pills a day
1-6 hcgenerate (5 caps a day - 3 morn/2 even)
1-10 N2Guard or Cycle Assist
2-10 Sustain-Alpha ( 5 pumps daily )

7-10 either torem or clomid
7-10 unleashed / post cycle
7-10 Lean Xtreme or forged