Does it look like gyno?

  1. Does it look like gyno?

    Hello everyone, I have always had fatty chest since adulthood and
    right now I'm 22, 5'11" 165lb but the problem still exists.
    I also started weight training to make my chest look a little better
    but fat under nipples still remains. Due to fear of making my chest
    look even bigger, I only concentrated on hitting Incline presses
    though... Here are some old and present progress pictures...
    Despite 6 months of training, I still feel that exact same softness around my nipple part, they also become pointy that looks too disgusting to me. Even focusing on incline presses is not helping here
    Please help, it kind of freaks me out...!


  2. have you taken any gear or PH's? and a lot of people assume gyno when they see puffy nips. honestly, it does not look bad at all. and actually your lower chest is what you want to work. i.e. do some decline pec flies or any type of fly or crossovers. I'm currently running a PH cycle and notice some puffy nips. i hoping the forma stanzol and nolva will clear me up.
    "Shut the **** up.. and train" - Frank McGrath

  3. It WAS gyno (in the before pics)....but looks like you did a helluva job getting rid of it (I'm assuming) naturally through training and long as thats the same person before and after

  4. hehe yea man I worked hell lot for it! and yea no cycles so far, 7 months since I started, completely natural. Even I couldn't even think of using gear right now as my experience is quite short plus I couldnt afford to worsen my gyno condition.
    But my point is, I did cut down alot of fat but still that softness in the nipples stays there, and it becomes puffy too sometimes.

  5. Wont it make my lower chest look more bumped out if I start hitting my lower pecs?

  6. No, as suggested decline BP will work wonders for fatty lower inclines will balance it out of course, so they are useful as well....but declines are great, matter of fact thanks for reminding me.....i am lifting "man weights" again (just finished PCT lol), i gotta incorporate some of them there decline BP's....

  7. ok man I'll start some decline action as well.
    But what is the ultimate solution? surgery?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Qulzam View Post
    ok man I'll start some decline action as well.
    But what is the ultimate solution? surgery?
    like i said anything with the crossover/fly motion will help. and for your case, surgery would be stupid. i would say for you maybe you can try some nolva or at the worst some letro
    "Shut the **** up.. and train" - Frank McGrath

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BigBicepBill View Post
    . and for your case, surgery would be stupid.
    yeah this^^^, The before picture requires surgery....not the after. You were able to get rid of 90% of it naturally, no sense in spending the money on surgery now.


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