1-Andro RDE and Triazole stack?

  1. 1-Andro RDE and Triazole stack?

    Bought a bottle of 1-Andro and im looking for something to stack it with. I know the common stack is 1-Andro and 4AD but i happen to have a unopened bottle of Triazole in my cupboard and i'm trying to save money. Would this be a good stack? I know an anti-estrogen isn't needed with the andro but i figure it might still help. I have zero experiance with prohormones, this is my first try, looking to gain some lean mass. My diet and training is pretty much dialed in, just want to make some quick gains for the beach this summer. I also have some activate extreme, could that be included?

    I'm thinking 1 andro and 2 triazole tabs in the morning and at night. Also going to do a cycle of creatine at the same time. Right now i'm at 180lbs, 16% BF, 5'11" tall.

  2. I'd say grab another bottle of 1 andro if you want to make better gains and run it for 6 weeks. Save triazole and activate for pct

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