PH Vacuum Storage

  1. PH Vacuum Storage

    I found this cheap alternative to expensive auto-sealers, and I thought I'd share it.

    It vacuum seals everything from canning jars to Ziploc Bags.

  2. Good find.

  3. I have been planning on getting one of these for a while anyway... sure will help with advance food prep. A friend has one of these vacuum sealers and he cooks scads of food on sunday and he has almost all his food prep for the entire week done, very handy

  4. You can get the same on ebay for $11 total

  5. niceeeeee...

    1fast400 should carry one of these.. lolz

  6. Great find Brodus! I'll have to get one. You are the man for the day

  7. Nice find copper!

    I knew there was something like this available, glad it's so cheap!

    I'm buying one asap.


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