Thoughts on this cycle

  1. Thoughts on this cycle

    This was an Idea i had and posted in the pulse cycle thread. It would go like this using superdrol. Not planning on doing this anytime soon, it is just an idea I had. I would like to ask Doctor D himself but it appears he hasnt posted on here in over a year.
    wk1- 10mg
    wk2- 20mg
    wk3- 20/20/20 This is where the 3 day a week pulse begins
    wk4- 20/20/20
    wk5- 30/30/30
    wk6-mini pct
    wk7- 30/30/30
    wk8- 30/30/30
    wk10- OTC PCT, serm if needed

    I would take DAA everyday after the 2 week straight cycle to help with test production. My thoughts were that this would make PCT easier then 3-4 weeks of SD everyday for the typical cycle. Also it would allow for longer more consistent gains while keeping more of your gains during pct.

  2. Looks like one big roller coaster ride IMHO.

  3. That is a terrible cycle Just do SD for 3-4 weeks at 20-30 mgs

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  4. Running SD ED for the first 2 weeks pretty much eliminates the purpose of pulsing. I'd just run it 4 weeks ED.

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