Prostate/Groin/pelvis pain during PCT?

  1. Prostate/Groin/pelvis pain during PCT?

    Hey fellas, I ran 4 week Epi cycle and had all the goodies during cycle. Things went great, no real side effects. Long story short, I'm day 2 into PCT and my nuts are tiny (as expected), but when I pee/ejaculate I get a burning sensation in the area between my butt and my balls. Very painful actually, and when I pee I feel a sharp poke there as well as in my pelvis/very low abdomen. Would anyone more experienced be willing to weigh in?

    40/30/20/10 Liq-nolva from a popular ancillary website that many use.
    D-aspartic acid tablets
    Upped my saw palmetto dose as the lack of hormones could possibly be causing my prostate to swell from what I gather. Maybe this will help get it under control.
    And continuing liver support for another few weeks just to be safe.


  2. I have felt what you are describing during a cycle. have used epistane many times, not sure if it has ever happened when i wasnt using it. however i have only felt it a few times though and i am not sure of the cause. Seems to have something to do with being shut down. a little while after the cycle it went away. it will probably go away completely by the time you finish pct. hopefully.

  3. Could be a UTI for all we know, its something to definitely keep an eye on.

  4. Prostate pain could be caused by daa and it means that daa works for you, if it occurred before starting daa or you have used daa before without any pain then I don't know. Other possibility is that if you have used daa before without any pain it didn't do you much but now when it is working it causes the pain.

  5. Ok fellas thanks for the input. I also have calf pumps (cramps possibly since im doing pct now?) in the am and my urine appears dark every morning. I am going to urologist tuesday to make sure everything is ship shape. It's just weird, no side effects on cycle, then next day on pct I get pelvic pain, lower back/calf cramps and no libido (that one is more expected though as I start producing more of my own so not as worried). Will update after seeing the doctor for final diagnosis.

  6. Epistane itself could cause the calf pumps. Ive had them during the cycle, you are probably just starting to notice them now. people can say what they want about 12 hour half life and blah, but my experience has been that i can feel the stuff for a little more than a week after i end the cycle.

    oh yea, you just started pct when your libido went down, nolva can do that to you.


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