Test base in a transdermal

  1. Test base in a transdermal

    Sorry if this si the wrong forum, you can move it if you want. My question is, has anyone ever tried using Test base in a transdermal? I know that if you get it from a chem. supplier, it is very cheap (pergram) it is actually cheaper than 1test.
    I wasthinking about trying this and maybe a nadrolone base in a trans. Anyone have any ideas about this?

    PS: has anyone ever used  ***no source posting***  for there powders, they have 4ad, 19nor and such on there raw material page.
    YJ, if you see this post, PM me.
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  2. OK i am curious now are powdered gear legal to ship? or no? this is weird, i need to talk to a mod about some things btw.

    gear knowledgalbe.



  3. It is not legal, but it is easier to get the raw materal (test base) in powder form through customs than it would be to get gear through, there ar also many domestic sources for raw material.

  4. I would recommend against ordering from ***no source posting***  They are most likely scammers. I, myself, have never seen an ester free pure test base, but thats not to say they don't exist. But, most test powders will come as their liquid steroid components, with an ester attatched.

    Test base would be stacked well with 1-test, or fina transdermally and would be a better choice than 4ad. However, don't jump right into buying anything without verifying a source. You might want to PM a mod and don't source post in the future.
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  5. I'm looking into this source aswell, their powders are expensive but so far i've been told they are legit and have been around for awhile. Not a bright idea posting their address though! If you want to ask about a source openly go over to meso or ghostgym.

  6. it would work great, that is the reason i am trying to convert 4AD to test. i have found the reactions, the materials are relatively cheap (worthwhile as opposed to using more 4AD) just working on a simple process to write up. i was looking into this last month, but had midterms coming out my ass and a couple of bad snowboarding injuries. the process would also work for 19nordiol to nandrolone. however if we could find a good source of pure test base cheap, it would be just as cheap as 4AD (more or less). here in canada 4AD is just as illegal as test base. i will update my thread on this conversion as soon as i can...

    cheers, pete

  7. The website in question (*no source posting*) is domestic US and is therefore not to be discussed on the open forum. Take it to secure convo...


  8. Test base powder is readily available from sources who carry powders, I'm currently using it in a transdermal with good results. I would be sure to verify your source with mods as powders sources are becoming scarce.

  9. thanks for the replys bros, sorry abou the source post, that wont hapen again, I PM'd a mod to check it out, It would be great if I could get this base and make a transdermal.


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