Sorry if im wasting anyones time but i have been doing alot of research on Tianeptine (Stablon) and have done alot of my own research then started on reading users personal reviews. im blown away by how many good results people have whether they just take it for depression or use it during aas cycles for other benefits along with it still helping depression and it helping with a better sense of well being. Ive had mild problems with depression and have been prescribed the usual crap and it just gave me the zombie feeling but i see with tianeptine it works completely different and doesnt inhibit the serotonin going to your brain. i know you guys are professionals so to give me the best answer i have to honest with you guys. I was on opiates for pain for 2 years after a car wreck and it did nothing but screw my life up ive been clean for a year now and the reason i brought that up was i also read stablon helps with people previously on opiates for a long time. I had a recent injury about 3 or 4 months ago so i havent been able to train that much or intensely. im down to about 210 with about %13 body fat so im not horrible but you guys know how it feels not being able to train. i feel like i weigh 150 pounds. My last 3 or 4 years have been very rough and the only good thing ive had in my life is my training. i wanted to start the stablon to give me a mental boost that will be better than just the boost from the anabolics. im starting training this weekend finally and just to start im going mild with test 400 which grams out to about really 350mg/ml and its half enanthate half cypionate and a little prop just to kick start. I will do just 1cc twice a week. i just want some good info from you guys here that are professionals and know what your talking about. Ive read so much about the mental aspects that stablon help with but ive also read alot about the anti-catabolic effects and the gh releasing effects.. Sorry my question was so damn long im just excited to start training this weekend finally and looking forward to hopefully hearing good things about the Stablon. Thanks again guys!!!!! And sorry if i posted my question in the wrong place i just became a member to this site