Anti E' head is spinning...

  1. Anti E' head is spinning...

    Ok here is what I am planing on for first bulking cycle....weeks 1-12 of test eth at 500mg/week, weeks 1-10 of deca 400mg/week, week 1-4 of d-bol 35mg/week. Now I want to eighter run Armidex or Letrozole during the cycle to reduce water and prevent gyno. Are there any recomemdations on which one and what type of dosing am I looking at? I am leaning towards Letrozole at 1.5mg/day. For PCT I was thinking nolva for 6 weeks at 40/40/30/20/20/20mg/day?? Is this good enough or should I add more. I also cant find a source for HCG is there any mods to the cycle I should do because of this?

  2. I would not worry as much about gyno or bloat unless you are prone to it.. and then only run the nolvadex if you have signs of it.. other than that it looks good.. HCG is used during cycle and it would help you recover from deca which is pretty suppresive.. personally, I am not a big fan of it...

  3. You not a fan of HCG or Deca? Is nolva at that length and dosage good enough for PCT? I believe I am prone to gyno because I got some puffyness for an M1T/4AD cycle. I really want to run an anti e during the cycle just in case.

  4. Deca..
    suit yourself on the anti e.. if I were going to run one it would ldex then..

  5. thnaks for the advice..oh and what ldex?

  6. liquid Armidex usually alittle cheaper and easier to find that the tabs

  7. I agree with Matthew's first answer, don't use the aromitase inhibitors, keep nolva on hand and if you are so terribly worried about bloat then you can add [email protected]/day.

    Don't judge your reaction to AAS by the way you reacted to prohormones. I did 2 cycles of AAS and recently used some M1T, the M1T caused tenderness of my right nipple, and quickly, about the 2nd week. I have never used aromitase inhibitors. 10mg(1/2 tab)Nolva/day got rid of the tenderness in a matter of a few days. I ran it to the end of the M1T with no further problems.

    I liked the proviron, keeps the bloat away like a champ.
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  8. Letro and Arimi are NOT anti-estrogens...

  9. Sorry AI's


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