trenazone + sd

  1. trenazone + sd

    i have a bottle of trenazone and sd-10
    i dont know if the bottle of tren is sufficient so im going to does it like this

    any thoughts i have all my pcts etc sorted out ijust dont know if its worth doing one bottle of trenazone for the long


  2. Have you ever tried SD before? If you are prone to high BP, the two together may not be a good choice. SD and Trenazone have been known For this. Extra Hawthorne berry would be a good idea.

  3. Nah I haven't I'm going to run SuperDrol and stano200 for a first then run trenazon stano200 and SuperDrol in the future , but no I need usually get high bp but il be sure to avoid getting it also I'm going to control the amount of goo cholesterol il be eating just so I keep my heart safe and take omega 3 krill oil and other stuff as well all prepared when it comes to pct as on cycle assit as I have ran aas before

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