Week 5 test e x600 nipple enlargement?

  1. Week 5 test e x600 nipple enlargement?

    As the title states I'm on week 5 test e 300x2 a week I've gotten a decent bloat stomach def a moon face and recently my nipples seem a bit bigger no ball or anything behind it my friend said to clean my diet as it has been sloppy for extra calories should I worry?

  2. No AI?
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  3. No I will run hcg week ten followed by Nolva clomid

  4. you can run low dose nolva on cycle, like 10mg/day and just use clomid for pct. you can also throw an AI into the mix.
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  5. Are you suggesting I do this? I'm just scared of gyno couple guys said its due to estrogen build up ?

  6. yeah it is estro build up. I personally run nolva on cycle as a safe guard against gyno related sides. The AI will help with overall bloating while nolva targets breast tissue. If you have enough clomid for a decent PCT then use the nolva on cycle at 10mg ED or EOD and see the nipple enlargement goes down. Do you have an AI on hand?
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  7. Yea I got the Nolva on hand

  8. Yea I got the Nolva on hand so I should run it through the entire length of the cycle ?


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