M - STANE (dynamic formulas)

  1. M - STANE (dynamic formulas)

    has anyone ran this pro hormone before? i am almost at the end of my second week running 20mg(2xcapsules) and have gained 2.5kg. i feel thirsty often, constant pump, and lethargic sometimes. M - stane is getting alot of bad rep and i am still questioning if it is legit. even though i have gained weight it could be from the creatine (water retention) or the surplus in my caloric intake. i have also herd people getting sick of this stuff so im getting worried.

    any reply would be great

  2. how do you start taking something when you have no idea what it is or what it does?
    research...then start your cycle. not the other way around.

    whats in it?

    is it an SD clone?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BeastMode 1 View Post
    is it an SD clone?

  4. M-Stane is an SD clone.

    Thirst is quite common. You need to drink a lot of water when running SD. Taurine for the pumps will help.
    Lethargy is even more common. The closest thing to a PH test base would be MENT or Stano-200.

  5. i know whats in it and i have done research. I'm looking for people who have run this before so i can relate to them. even if i explained to you what i feel on M-stane (superdrol) you wouldn't understand unless you have run this specific SD clone. unfortunately a lot of people have been getting sick of this **** and its not worth the gains. i feel fine so far though so it probably was their diet. there are also bunk mstane bottles being sold. there are suppose to be pure white capsules in the bottle but people are claiming they had received black capsules in the bottle. my capsules are white but have a tinge of brown specs in it. i know the sides that I'm getting are common on SD but I'm still curious why people stop running it 2 weeks into there cycle. it's really hard to tell if this **** is working or if it is just ****ing up my body. and if it is working its most likely not worth what your body has to go through. this is the start of my 3rd week on my mstane cycle now. 3 and 4th week suppose to be when you get most out of sd thats why i'm sticking it out to see what happens. but yea if anyone has tried this **** (the black capped bottle with white capsules inside with a tinge of brown) let me know what you think about this ****.

  6. How did you go with the rest of your cycle? I just bought a bottle (Lot no. 12307) and my pills/bottle are similar to your description
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