dosing non-methyls w/ cycle assist

  1. dosing non-methyls w/ cycle assist

    is there any reason why doses of non-methyls should be taken apart from cycle assist??
    or can they be taken around the same time??

    the 4 hour rule doesnt apply to nonmethyls, correct??

  2. pretty simple question guys.


  3. I dont think the 4 hour rule even applies to methyls, isn't that all bro science?

  4. ive read a lot of info. on both sides of that argument, but most seem to agree its a good idea to spread them out.
    i dont see any reason not to with methyls.

    the reason im asking. im bout to run 11 oxo+stano, which ill be running high. it alot of caps per day, and id like to space them out throughout the day and not worry bout cycle assist affecting doses.

    do non-methyls still pass through the liver at all??

  5. Yes every PH you take will pass through your liver. Methyls are just harsher. I would dose cycle assist in the morning, before bed, and once midday. It's that simple bro.



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