Test E/Dianabol/Arimidex

  1. Test E/Dianabol/Arimidex

    Weeks 1-8 Test E 250mg every 4 days
    Weeks 1-4 20mg Dianabol ED
    LIV 52 throughout

    How often, if at all, should I take the Arimidex?

  2. Extend the test to 12 weeks, adex .25mg EOD.

  3. Make the test at least 10 weeks, 12 if possible, and inject 2 X a week on consistent days (Monday Thursday or however you like).

    Adex I would personally gauge for yourself. A lot of people like to start it right away, but IMO the risk of accidentally cratering your estrogen isn't worth it. If your nipples start getting sore or you get any sort of lump, I would start taking it as Dr.Stri8ed suggested, but otherwise I would just have it on-hand (always have it on-hand lol).

  4. Thanks, guys.

  5. No problem bro.



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