Hey guys just a little background info.

ran 6 weeks hdrol 75-100 for 4 weeks and 125-150 for last week. pct was 2 weeks of nolva @ 20 mg and clomid 100 mg 4 1st week 50 mg for 2nd week.

now I will wait at LEAST 3 months before my "cutting cycle" but I'm already putting the things together and so far have this.

1st week: 20 mg epistane,800 mg 11-oxo, week 2-5:30mg epistane 600 mg 11-oxo, week 6: 1gram 11 oxo

I plan on SLOWLY decreasing my cals as of this monday by 100 each week until i get to approx 400, do this all the way up to my cycle , and in the second week drop my defecit to -800 cals, also plan on running albuterol 8mg 3 times a day, 2 weeks on, 1 week off.

What do you guys think ? Right now I am 100-102 kg's @ 15% bodyfat and my goal is to be 90 kg's @ 10% bodyfat