First Cycle

  1. First Cycle

    Dear All,
    This is my first ever post and I hope I've put it in the right place.
    I wanted to know everyone's opinions on this first cycle:
    test e 500mg per week (split into 2 separate days) for weeks 1-10
    Followed by nolva 40/40/20/20 for weeks 12-16.

    Just a few things on my mind after doing a lot of research,
    - I have read a few people saying that it is good to take dbol for weeks 1-4 to kick start the test,
    whilst others have said for a first cycle test e alone is good enough
    - I understand that adex should be kept on hand if required due to any gyno problems, and in such a situation
    I will use 0.5mg every other day, but will it be beneficial to use alongside nolva as PCT?
    - A few people have advised the use of nolva AND clomid whilst others have used nolva alone?
    - I have also read of people taking winstrol in the last 4 or 5 weeks of the cycle would this be ideal?
    - and finally should a HCG be used throughout the cycle or should it be kept on hand if required or avoided altogether?
    - if so can anyone recommend HCG dose, frequency etc. and also where to get it from if possible

    I am only going on my first cycle because I have been training for a while now and my body has plateaued so I require that little boost to get bulkier. I am not aiming for massive gains but a moderate 20lbs gain would be good enough. This is why I have asked about winstrol as I do not wish to be looking bloated at the end and would prefer
    to get bigger but to keep lean.
    I would not mind taking dbol anyway for the first 4 weeks but I have read of the acne problems on the back, and I
    already quite acne prone so would rather do without.

    Thank you to everyone who replies

  2. I'll speak to the HCG portion; I think it should absolutely be run during your cycle. 2 injections/week, 250iu per. Personally I like too see it run from day 1 of test to the last injection, but some advise waiting a couple weeks to begin. Either way, run it during.

    During post cycle I'd add DAA and Erase or Erase Pro-I feel these 2 combined is one of the best PCT (or even standalone) combos out there for natty test and killing estrogen while reducing bloat.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  3. Thanks for the input, but do you think as a first cycle DAA and Erase Pro would be appropriate, I can see the benefits but I didn't want to be doing too much on my first cycle you know?
    As for the HCG I think I actually will include it into the regime, just not sure when to take it at the minute. I have heard of others using it for 5 weeks only; 3 weeks before the last test injection and 2 weeks after, followed immediately by the PCT, but primarily my knowledge on HCG is not that great, in terms of how to purchase, mix and administer.

  4. How do I get more people to reply? Is this in the wrong section

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