Eq dosage

  1. Eq dosage

    Hey guys so i been running 500 mg eq EW for 7 weeks now but I got another vial off a buddy so I wanna up the dosage to 600 mg EW. Also running 750 mg enanthate. It's 250 mg/ml so I'm wondering, is 1.3 ml the equivalent of 600 mg?

  2. 1.3 ml 2x a week that is.

  3. Lack of knowledge here. Sorry bro.

  4. 1.3 would be 650/week. 600/250 = 2.4

    for 600mg you would need to shoot 2.4ml @250mg/ml. so if you shoot it twice a week that would be 1.3 ml a week. every .1ml of your eq is 25mg.

    not trying to be a dick but this is some basic stuff you should know how to do if youre going to run gear. messing up a dose of high concentration liquid orals could be a problem. i know thats not what your question is about but im just using the liquid orals as an example. how do you like the eq? only time ive ran bold it was bold prop at 450mg/week. loved that stuff and im one of the lucky ones who doesnt get pain at the pin site from it.

  5. No problem bro. Im pretty sure 1.3 pinned 2 x a week is a little over 600 mg if 3 ml is 750 mg.

  6. Sound right

  7. 1.2 ml twice a week would be 600mg. 250mg/ml = 25mg per 0.1ml.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheGnome
    Lack of knowledge here. Sorry bro.
    serious or not i lol'd

    it was a math question...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigred6347
    1.2 ml twice a week would be 600mg. 250mg/ml = 25mg per 0.1ml.
    Cheers. my math was never on point lol

  10. no worries


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