currently i am taking a 30 day ph cycle and i am about 2 weeks into it. today i was diagnosed with bronchitis and was prescribed a z-pack(antibiotic) for 5 days and cheritussin cough syrup. i am concerned about the effects these medications will have on my liver and whether or not they will react with the ph. should i stop my cycle until i am better? and if so, should i start a pct to prevent my test and hormonal levels from becoming messed up? any advice or knowledge on the matter will help. i was thinking about taking only the antibiotic and not the cough syrup because of the amount of stress my liver will be under with all 3.

also, i am taking 375mg of liver care twice a day as well as all other nessicary cycle supports(fish oil 3x a day, glucosamine/msm 2x a day, multivitamin 1x a day)

i am very concerned and need some guidance, thank you