are there any interferaces with mohn?

  1. Question are there any interferaces with mohn?

    Hi i start my 1st ever mohn cycle tomorrow..i want to be 100%

    postive that noone has had any negative questions

    does anyone know id any medication interferes with mohn?(claritin,antihistimines. medicines for infections)

    This is my arsonal of liver protectants; milk thistle ,nac,ala

    some people have said that liver protectants interfer with how much mohn works.facts only please

    has there been a person here that has taken liver protectants with mohn and had good results?

  2. i used mohn for 8 weeks at worked well for lean gains and strength.nac at 1200mgs ed should be plenty for liver protection.imo have some benedryl handy since i have found mohn to be the worst for insomnia.

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