2nd Cycle SD - Possible Gyno or muscle fiber?

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    2nd Cycle SD - Possible Gyno or muscle fiber?

    I've done some searching around this forum as well as a couple others, but not really finding the information i want...

    I'm running my 2nd cycle of SD/Mdrol.

    I am running Nolva(SERM) as PCT, along with activate xtreme/trazole starting 2nd week of PCT.

    Question I have is i'm currently in my 2nd week of PH and got 'spooked' by other PH-gyno horror stories and have begun feeling around myself. I have what i might call 'lumps' but they are above/to the side of the nipple/areola (NOT behind). I can't tell if this is an actual lump forming in part of gyno, or if it is just muscle in my chest (stupid i know..). Nipples/areola are NOT at all sore, it doesnt hurt to rub (and rub hard) the lumps, there is no pain/soreness BEHIND my nipples, they don't feel puffy or anything. I'm just getting paranoid.

    Can anyone with first hand experience give details to what gyno would feel like? Any opinion on my possible lumps? Should i start taking 0.5ml of nolva now just in case? Thoughts? Advice?

    I'm taking:
    20mg SD/day
    liv.52 (himalaya) liver support twice/day
    5-6g fish oil/day
    Orange triad

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    Just relax. If u start getting gyno, you'll know it. Stop playing with ur nipples or they will get sore and puffy. Just eat a bunch and blow up bro
    Everything I say is fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Do not ask me for sources. I dont have any.
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    If its gyno you will be able to kind of grab around the lump, the lump is actually the swollen gland which gets stimulated through taking steriods and so on, but it, if yo ulay on your back and push in on your nips you will def feel the lump and they will be tender, for example i did have this issue and if i bumped my chest on something or the misses hunged me to tight and i felt pressure on my nipples it would be tender and kind of hurt. People say they also get itchy, i did not really have that issue as mine were just tender and really pissed me off when i looked in the mirror, although other people don't notice it i was very aware, i tried not to ever tocuch my nipples. As for what to take, i have herd letro works well and also strong does of nolva, but i wont comment on that to much as i didn't go down that path i had my glands cut out.

    I got it from running a cycle with no pct in the past or AI, Yeah i know its stupid but i had a mate that did it and never had a problem so its true what they say that some things work for some,and not for others. Im sure someone else can chime in with what to take to help but i think nolva or letro will do the trick, there is a post up the top some where called " if you think you have gyno read this" has some really good info you should check it out. Hope this helps.

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