Good PH's still floating around

  1. Good PH's still floating around

    I used to run PH's some years ago, then moved on to gear. I'm just tired of sticking myself. It's been years since I have run a PH. I remember the Jan 4 2010 ban like it was yesterday and even further, the demise of the real SD and HD. My question is what are some good brands and PH's out there these days I can still get my hands on? I see that most of the ones I used to run are gone! Mainly looking for a good H-drol and "tren" PH. Hell, I've been out of the PH game for so long now that something new must have hit the market and took off...I guess I'm game for that too. Let me know the what's trusted these days. Thanks fellas


  2. Try anabolic stack by anabolic technologies I used that before it was awesome

  3. I'd like to see the answer to this one as well.

  4. Thanks bro.

    Since when is Hdrol $60 bucks? This stuff used to be $25 bucks all day.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Harry Manback
    Thanks bro.

    Since when is Hdrol $60 bucks? This stuff used to be $25 bucks all day.
    You can still find hdrol for around 20 just depending where you look im using lgi halo25 and bought for about 22 bucks

  6. clones my friend.. its all about clones... there are plenty of good ones out there...

    LGI is a great brand and cheap and has the traditional clones of Super, H, Epi, etc...
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  7. What's antaeus labs all about? I'm looking at their trenazone transdermal

  8. havent run it but I hear good things about trenazone.
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  9. Trenazone is a great transdermal actually as well as Anauteus being a solid company. Clones are key and I'm loving my sd. Transform (Forged) is my fav company for that. Lgi and Mr supps
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  10. Transdermals are no fun tho! lol

  11. Ran an EPI/Trenazone stack and was blown away. Trenazone went on easy, no mess, nothing bad at all about it; huge bonus it stacks with anything because it's basically non-toxic. Aggression was up, vascularity up, hunger up, strength up, leaned out while gaining weight. I can't say enough about Antaeus Labs' products, top notch. LGI as said is a great starter, they still make SD, Hdrol, Pmag, EPI, Stano, 11oxo.

  12. So what's the legal status of prohormones like Epistane at the moment in the United States ? I'm currently living here but I'm not from here so I'm not sure how these things are... If I order it from somewhere can I be fined / prosecuted / something like that in the worst case ? Or is it legal and could be basically bought from pharmacy store next door or is PHs somewhere on gray area ?

  13. Epi is still legal bro. LGI all day broski.

  14. Oh awesome! So no matter where I order it there shouldn't be any consequences other than I'll be a bit bigger after the cycle ?

  15. Yessir you'll b gtg.
  16. Jahcuree
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Stri8ed
    Yessir you'll b gtg.
    Any knowledge on epi 2a3a?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Jahcuree View Post
    Any knowledge on epi 2a3a?
    what do you want to know. Its good for lean dry gains...
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jahcuree

    Any knowledge on epi 2a3a?
    Vital labs is legit too.
  19. Jahcuree
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    Exactly what I wanted to know as I just ordered some. Thank you both.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Jahcuree
    Exactly what I wanted to know as I just ordered some. Thank you both.
    No problem boss.


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