Liver blood work the truth about methylated steroids and antibiotics

  1. Liver blood work the truth about methylated steroids and antibiotics

    Ill scan my blood work once I get a scanner but 4 months ago when I drank alchohol once a month and hadnt taken steroids for 3 months (orals only) but was taking anitbiotcs (dioxcylcine) for 6 months straight on the liver scale of 0-55 I was a 141.

    Got tested again four months after the above, have been taking 40mgs dbol adn 60mgs winny for threee weeks now and been off the antibitoics for 4 months and my level is now 45! SHows how bad antibiotics are for your liver and how orals aren't as bad as it sseems.

    Doctor said quote "Antibiotics seems to be far worse for liver toxicity then even anabolic steroids, the numbers are amazingly bad for antibiotics."

  2. Not sure this could exactly be called "conclusive."

  3. There r a lot of prescription medications that r very liver toxic, but I feel doctors never tell u that. Hell I have a bad case of athlete's foot and my doctor wanted to put me on some oral medication to get rid of it, she said they were liver toxic and i'd have to get screened first to take it.

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