Liquid nolva - divided doses?

  1. Liquid nolva - divided doses?

    I'm new to the boards and have learned a great deal about the PH/PS world.

    I am stocking up on items such as M1T, transdermal 4-AD, and other goodies
    for proper liver detoxification and PCT.

    I do have one question though - regarding the use of liquid Nolvadex. If I am
    dosing with 40mg (2ml daily), should I divide this in half (i.e., AM and PM
    dosages)? Or just take it all at once first thing in the morning?

    Not sure if this matters or not.... minutia, minutia...


  2. I take it all at once.

  3. Cool. Thanks, man.

  4. There is no need to divide the dose because the half life is so long.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Camaro Hair
    Cool. Thanks, man.
    No prob!



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