second day of m1t, m5aa cycle and i have a question...

  1. second day of m1t, m5aa cycle and i have a question...

    took my morning dose of m1t today, about 4 or 5 hours later it was time to lift. i took 40mg of m5aa 45 min. before i hit the gym. today was shoulders and back day. i was fine until i hit the deadlifts. on my 4th set, 2nd tripple, i felt like i was going to puke. i don't know if maybe i had eaten a bit too much before i hit the gym or if this combination was a bit much to jump into. i also felt like i had to clear my ears a bit, like when you dive into water too deep?

    anyone experience anything like this? i'm going to try the m5aa before i lift tomorow to see if maybe i just ate too much.

    i was pissed b/c i had to cut my workout short

  2. darius
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    Maybe your blood pressure was really high when you started working out. M1T causes that.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by darius
    Maybe your blood pressure was really high when you started working out. M1T causes that.

    what are some other symptoms of high bp? i normally have pretty low bp whenever it is checked by a doc.
  4. darius
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    I'm really not all that sure, but for me, its whenever I start feeling really light headed and almost like I am going to faint. Whenever I feel really fatigued or feel my heart pumping in my head, very fast heart rate. Then driving home from the gym, I feel like I'm gonna pass out and hit a tree.

  5. ok i dont think that was the problem i think i just ate too much or something...

  6. I would monitor your bp to be safe. Stop by a Walmart or grocery store on the way home to check it. If your arms are too big to fit in the cuff provided like mine, you can always stop at a local fire dept. they will be more than happy to check it for you, and their cuffs will fit a leg. Either way, it sounds like it could be high bp, and going to the doc every once in a while isn't going to cut it when running androgens.

  7. I just bought a my own instruments to take my blood pressure. I take mine every morning when I wake up in the morning when i am on cycle. I then look for the weekly average.

  8. will check my bp several times a week

    lifted today on the m5aa and m1t, felt great. stopped by to check my bp after lifting and it was a bit higher than normal, but not by very much. seems like the food was the culprit.

  9. well a few more days into the cycle and i'm LOVING IT. strength is up, intensity is WAY up in the gym, aggression is getting up there but its not a problem, and i'm up a few pounds which is obviously water from the m1t.


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