gg gyno

  1. gg gyno

    I got progesterone induced gyno from stacking 1-ad and boldione AHHHH. I saw the doc recently and he is running some blood tests, I am so pissed, and its only mild now. Is it possible for this to get worse and should I just not party for a while?

  2. also, I am really sick of putting all types of different **** in my system. So, im going to lay off taking anything, even creatine that might piss my prostate off, because I can tell it is enlarged. Does anyone know if constipation and blocked up urination is a sign of enlarging prostate? I might never take ph's again I might just do the real thing next time, due to the fact that Im worried for my prostate health.

  3. Don't know about constipation but trouble with urinary flow is definitely a sign of a problem with the prostate.

    Not sure what you mean by party but there's a slight chance dope of booze could aggravate the condition.

    Also, what makes you think it's progesterone related? It's probably from the estrogen in boldione; I've been hearing more about this lately.

  4. If it is estrogen from boldione, I dont think so because I never ever got any bloat as I would have from having too much estrogen. I almost hope it is estrogen induced then there are things for that, I dont see too many thing for progesterone induced gyno. It also says in many articles that boldione doesnt convert to estrogen; I have never heard anyone talk about boldione causing estrogen imbalances. Whatever this is, i can see my nipples thru my shirt and I dont have the usual hard pecs look I had before. Another reason for my paranoia is this, I quit lifting cuz of injury about 1 1/2 years ago and lost all the way down to 182 lbs from 198. I was small as **** so i decided to start eating
    I ate myself to fatness becoming 207 lbs without working out. Then I got my ass back into working out. I never shaved my chest since I got up to 205+ then I got serious about working out and have been since last july I have been workin out nice and hard and I made some gains with 1-ad up to 217 which was nice and hard, of course a decent amount of fat was also there. Now that I took my second cycle and quit 3 weeks in feeling symptoms of gyno, I shaved my chest before I went to my doctor to show him so I could see the real effect (I am a hairy mofo). He said come back in two weeks and dont take any more **** and he had some blood work done etc. I dunno it just doesnt seem to get any better, I was taking 6-oxo, but couldnt deal with the depression side effects, I mean waking up at 3am crying for no ****ing reason is no way to live, so **** that. I have this picture here.
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  5. if this **** doesnt go away im just gonna chuck the boldione and the 1-ad **** orals and just start slopping tons of transdermal **** on. I 1st thought that transdermals were more dangerous than pills, HAHAHA how ****ing stupid was I? I have done transdermals b4, superone+ and I loved it. Oh man, I hope this just goes away just ****ing gtfo gyno. I have this little "bud" as my doctor called it under one of my bitch tits.

  6. Delivery method has nothing to do with reaction to the hormones, unless I'm really missing something here...

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  7. ManBeast is right, transdermals are even worse due to their greater efficiency. Have your doctor prescribe something like clomid to help the problem. From your pic, I can see no gyno, just fat pecs. Not trying to insult, but so many people blame excess bf on gyno. If you have hard spots under the skin, that is another matter. 6 oxo may help, but if you really have gyno, get clomid.

    If your prostste is enlarged, stay away from all ph, and booze as well. just had 2 friends die from prostate cancer. Get this checked out.

    Last of all, boldione does not cause gyno. If you got gyno from a ph, it was the 1-AD. I find this dubious. Have your doc give you a really thorough checkup.

  8. Rictor,

    The "bud" that your doctor mentioned is clinical gyno and is either an enlarged gland or a fat deposit. Either way, I'd suggest trying to get some nolva fast.


    I think you have it backwards. Boldione DOES aromatize and can definitely make gyno worse. This happened to myself and Colin and Needlefreak got gyno post cycle from it.

    1AD does not aromatize and I'm unaware of a single case of someone getting progesterone sides from it -- 1-test yes, 1AD no.
  9. yoyo

    I had my blood work done, yeah I have been bulking up and I do have a decent amount of bodyfat, but they looked better than this 2 weeks ago. I am staying away from all ****, then going back for a follow up in 2 weeks where I will have more work done, he told me that my hormonal levels are a little too ****ed up for him to test that yet. I basically think hes telling me that if the developing gyno stops then in 2 weeks il be fine and hel just check my blood etc to make sure everything is intact; otherwise if it develops he might prescripe something like an anti-aromatose etc etc. and about jacking up with transdermals I was just a little pissed off and I decided to make a senseless idiotic post, trust me I care about myself too much for that. And about clomid, my body is obviously telling me it needs a rest and I am not real keen and putting **** into my body unless my GP says so, especially after this happened, thx for the suggestion though. I have another pic from the side, yes there is some excess fat on my chest Im not denying that, im just saying my pecs looked better two weeks ago and my nipples werent puffy and irritable.

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  10. Yes and about 1-ad, My 1st cycle was done like this; Since im a reasonably big guy 6' 215 I decided to go with the recommended dose for bigger gains which is 600mg3xday with meals. I experienced a good increase in strength and was even able to bench 235 11 times, which felt about as great as ever. The bad part is I had the sex drive of a 70 year old woman and I hated showering when I went to the gym because I didnt want d00dz to see my atrophied nuttz, So I worked out at home alot, which isnt bad, since I can throw some more intensity and psych myself up by screaming and yelling without offending everyone within a block of the gym. Yes, I have good equipment at home, a serious steel bench with 315 in weights some 75/65/50/35/25 dumbells and a lat/rowing machine and 2 ez curl bars and of course a normal bar, so im not sacrificing much by choosing to work out at home. Ok when the 4 weeks of 1-ad ended, I decided that I could really capitalize on these big gains by throwing on some super one+ for 4 weeks. This worked like a charm, my endurance and sex drive flew up and my sore ass shoulders were seemingly lubricated by the flow of 4-ad and extra water retention. Now yes I was a little fatter, but I was 226 and I was looking ****ing huge, people were telling me I was on steroids and ****, I was like nah chill. I quit after that cycle, because finals came up and I knew it was time to get off. The problems now start (not hormonal) Since its finals week I found lots of work, thesis papers and studying that had to be done. Stress was at an all-time high and I was not working out and was using my ritalin (I have minor add) to help me work hard. Ritalin is a stimulant which destroys your appetite, and im sure has some catabolic properties to it. Due to poor and improper post cycle care I lost alot of the good gains I felt I could have kept, although my strength actually didnt fall as much as I would have thought. The good news Is I did well on my finals and papers and finished the semester with a 3.0 gpa (my highest ever, im not a good student). For xmas I was given some money which I used to buy boldione and 1-AD, I had heard good things about boldione and decided to stack these two and see what would happen. I started taking 400/400 ed and it was working, I wasnt gaining weight, but I was getting hard ass muscles and vascularity. DURING this cycle I did not take proper care of myself, I was smoking pot to relieve stress and I was partying with my friends and I believe this STUPIDITY on my part is to blame for what happened to me. 2nd week my friend told me about how it must be cold because my nipples are hard as rocks, I said ah wtf do girls know and plus its cold out. I guess this could have been a possible sign. 3rd week the irritation got bad, I quit everything and was putting icepacks on my chest to relieve the pain. I was taking 6-oxo, but as I said before, I could not sleep and I would wake up crying about nothing, which is no way to be, so I discontinued that and decided to stop taking any and everything that wasnt ZMA or protein shakes. This gyno is very mild, but it is very scary to me, I take decent pride in my body and appearance and this is the last thing I wanted to have happen, but hell as my doctor said these things are new, the research done on them is very limited and therefore they are like a pandora's box, you never know what your cooking up under there.

  11. Ok, so lets say now that is has sort of gone away, I am itchin to get on the transdermal I got right now. I dont know if I should or not, or if I should give it a week or so.

  12. give it some time first, your body may still be trying to get all its endocrine levels back to normal from what it sounds you had problems with your prostrate as well give yourself atleast a month before hitting the transdermals

  13. also alcohol and PH or AAS dont mix, I know guys who have never had a problem with gyno until they went drinking heavily and whamo titiville

  14. yeah I bet that and gettin stoned had something to do with it. Im back to establishing a nice clean relationship with my body, im not abusing myself like I was when my friends came back. I dont know the dilemma I have is im going to mexico for spring break and I wanna be lookin good to increase my "piece of meat" value among all the gorgeous westcoast college girls out there, but I also know im gonna be drinking heavily for about 3 straight days, so I might just go without the juiceage, just to prevent any of this embarassing **** from resurfacing.

  15. im glad your tits are back to normal. you sounded very stressed about the whole incident. therefore i wouldnt jump back onto a cycle for awhile. not trying to flame, but you look like you could use some good cutting, so there you go, cut up and get them hoes at spring break.

  16. I am, im back to jogging and walking in the morning, going for low-carb diets cept for 1-2 days a week where I eat. Im trying to keep strong and solid without dropping under 205. If I do, I wouldnt mind being 200 with about 15% as opposed to 210 with 17% like I am now. I am still reasonably strong although my balls are still rebuilding and I seem more dedicated to working out hard and taking no prisoners in the weight room or home gym. Im working more on improving my lifting techniques to allow me to push more weight as opposed to lifting heavy with poor technique like I did in the past. Im feeling great though, I forget how great it is to start off a day with some light cardio 10 min jog 20 min walk. When I go back on I will explode and hopefully be torn up and much stronger than the last time I was (sucessfully) on. I am so looking forward to making a great transdermal with 1-test/4-ad/dmso w00t w00t.

  17. while on the gyno subject, is it considered gyno if there is any lump under your nipples? Is there no other explanation for a bump of any kind?


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