3alpha or 1test - which is more androgenic?

  1. 3alpha or 1test - which is more androgenic?

    mg for mg, which is more androgenic in terms of side effects, 3alpha or 1test?

  2. I'd say 1-test, since it's an actual steroid..

  3. hmmm....
    thanks for the reply bigpetefox.
    The reason I was curious - Im a bit worried about hair loss. I was thinking of stacking 3alpha/NorDiol/4AD, having had great gains from 5aa/nordiol previously. (and no hair loss)
    Having the 3alpha in the stack would allow me to keep the androgenic part of the stack customizable.

    Your traps are friggin' huge man


  4. Thanks, I didin't think I was sitting right in that photo..

    3Alpha and 5AA are pretty much the same, just one is an alpha, the other a beta of the DHT prohormone.. That is if you meant the Syntrax version named 5AA Extreme..

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