ractopamine, the future of research or supplements

  1. ractopamine, the future of research or supplements

    Hey, I've been researching this compound for a while it seems very effective in feeds to gain muscle size, I thought of trying and finding a modification for it to be a supplement or research item, it is not a hormone, steroid, or anything like that, It is a phenolethanolamine ß-adrenoceptor Approved in 2000 and goes under the trade name of Paylean, the compound seems very effective with hgh as stated in other research. many research is can be found on pigs and feed, but I found no research on human or what ever, and the compound is not banned to be sold, or traded, here is some published research:






    is there any possiblities some version of this could become a supplement? or R what do you think about the compound.

    from the pnt labs site for feed supplements:

    "What is Ractopamine?
    Ractopamine is a small compound belonging to a class of compounds called phenethanolamines. Ractopamine is not a steriod. Phenethanolamines are often referred to as repartitioning agents, because their mode of activity causes the shifting of nutrients from fat to lean muscle."

  2. I had also given this some thought a few years back when an old buddy who went to Agricultural School was telling me about his undergrad work with the stuff. Its a beta-agonist just like one of our favorite compounds of all times....CLEN. My suggestion is that you continue to research this coumpound using pubmed and the library (as you obviously have started). I remember there is another name for the compound, and studies have been done in people a long time ago, although I cant remember what I read that long ago becuase that was back when I used to do drugs. Here's another tidbit that might help a bit. Beta-adrenogenic agonists have very different effects in different species and even in different tissues within an organism due to the presence or absence of a number of different varieties of Adrenoreceptor (B1,B2,B3). For instance this is why clen gets us thin, but acts like an anabolic in pigs. The effects are therefore most dependent on which receptors the substance is capable of activating (or blocking) and the availability of said receptors. Keep us posted.

  3. I remeber a few people giving this a try along time ago. I don't remeber anybody raving about it so I doubt it was to effective. I'm not sure but I think it was either on elite fitness or a board that I think was called trilogy. Like I said this was years ago though.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Chem101
    studies have been done in people a long time ago, although I cant remember what I read that long ago becuase that was back when I used to do drugs.
    It isn't very useful as a bronchodilator in humans, if that is the study you remember. Anybody else interested in this compound?

  5. no, go over to avant where it's being discussed. seems it's toxic to humans and the gains quickly fade after taking it. seems it's about like clen's redheaded stepchild




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