AMS DecaSarm RDE - log

  1. AMS DecaSarm RDE - log

    Now then people,

    Iv picked up two bottles of the new AMS DecaSarm RDE. First off I do not see many logs about so I will log my progress.

    I will be running an 8 week cycle. I will be eating just over maintenance Kals in the hope I will gain some lean muscle and shed some unwanted fat!

    I will be using AMS Body Mortar, a pre work out/ pump supp, multi vit, more aminos. I was wondering if I should be taking any "support" supps with this product? Should I be using Arom-X on cycle? I also have Tocc-8 which I was thinking of using on cycle also.

    Any advice would be appriciated and I will post some starting pics up shortly and stats.

  2. copy and paste this to the supp review log section under supplements.....
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