Barry Bonds on Steriods?

  1. Barry Bonds on Steriods?

    What do you guys think?

    Here's a picture from 1997 where Barry weighs 190
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  2. Heres one from 2001 (record breaking seasons)

    *Hitting all those homeruns in 2001....anabolics help?
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  3. steroids? baseball? homerun records? naaaaaah

  4. bonds, sosa, camaniti....we just looking at the tip of the iceburg. so yes....Sage

  5. He looked bigger. HMMM A lot bigger.

  6. Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Caminiti, Bagwell, Just take a look at these guys and you should beable to tell. McGwire just said he took andro, it was very obvious he was juicin it.

  7. Looks like a test/fina/winny diet to me !!!

    forearms came in nice !!!

  8. I agree.....his forearm now is the size of his quad back then.....kind of odd he started dropping 400 foot bombs in 2001 when he gained 30lbs from the previous 4 years.... you could do the same with many major league baseball players. Bagwell is another that came to mind...but remember about him, he came in the league at a medium size, now he's a monster, that honestly could have been from learning proper nutrition and training from professionals. But if someone accused him of juicing its certainly justified.

  9. McGuire is another one that has managed to put on some size. He was big when he started but now he much bigger.

  10. It was andro Matt

  11. Oh yeah I forgot about that... Andro is amazing stuff
  12. My path to steroids

    You know how they say Weed is the gateway drug? Well, ppl always joked creatine and andro were the equivalent for bodybuilding. I always sneered at that, and laughed to myself the joke. But now, 4 years later, I'm there!! And why am I posting it here? Mark Mcguire's record breaking season, and Andro controversy, was when i was first inspired to use PH in conjunction with lifting. In another words, I'm here now, talking to you guys, and waiting for gear, all because of Mr. Mcguire!!

    (Btw, I goto a big public university in the Northeast, and I just gotta tell ya, forget pro-athletes...I'd say 90% of them juice. I say that cuz I'm pretty sure 50%+ of collegiate athletes do, and 30%+ of non-athlete muscleheads in my area. Now I'm talkin about regular guys. I know all the entertainers, MTV personalities, WWE wrestlers, all know what test and winny are. But honestly, regular bros on the beach without their shirt, these days, you can just tell.) let me know if you disagree.

  13. Bonds might get more pub, But if you look at sosa b4 and after, the alterations are even more pronounced. I remember when sammy was about 170 lbs soaking wet, he had just came to MLB. Look at him now and your just like holy ****. So many MLB players juice, I mean its your job and if something that will give you a performance advantage isnt being tested for, You arent going to let some kid who is juicin take your job from you. My point is, alot of people use because they are athletes and it is their job to be in the best performance shape they can be in, its what they are paid for and many others use to keep up with the ones who do and are getting new, fat contracts.

  14. LoL Baham, I remember when I was 17 my friend and I walked to GNC picked up some tribulus and andro and we were walkin around like we were the ****. So funny, he definatley inspired alot of teenage andro use, which is unfortunate, because I really think Mark is a great guy who is very humble and a great asset to America's game (well football is our game now, but baseball used to be)

  15. hell ya i disagree, weed is not a gateway drug.

    like YJ said, they could have been legit or maybe not. but don't forget about the skinny dude from arizona. he hit a bunch of homers too. the juice may help, but the skill still has to be there. as for collegiate athletes, ya a lot of the guys here juice, but the strongest guys and most of the starters don't. fact is, when a lineman juicing still can't get around my 185 lbs 5'9" ass he's not going to play regardless how well he strength tests. also we had an offensive lineman at 210 6'1" by the end of the season a year ago and he was playing because he could stop d-lineman 100 lbs bigger than him (yes he is natural).

  16. Mark McGuire once said, hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things you can do in sports. I like every sport, and play a good #, so I know how true the statement is. From nailing a fadeaway jumper with a hand in the face, to leading someone to catch your perfect pass, no feeling compares to solidly hitting a baseball. The combination of reflexes needed by your mind and body are phenomenal. Having said that, there's only a select handful of people that can accomplish this feat regularly and effortlessly. BUT, once you have that, and can always hit a ball solid, steroids can mean the difference between a 380 ft. flyout and a 450 ft. bomb. It's like, if you have the athletic talent already, steroids takes you from being good to being sick. This to me makes me think every athlete in the world should do it, as long as they use it smartly. Out of Olympic athletes surveyed after Sydney, half said they'd use banned substances if it would ensure a gold metal. All this convinces me that if I don't incorporate steroids into my daily life, I am losing out on the social darwinist pecking order.

    (Before weed (like when I was 15), I feared drugs. After weed, I tried shrooms, E, K, and opium.) Not gateway my ass! Now that I know how to do intramuscular injections, what's next, intravenus??? j/k!

  17. or 500+ ft bombs anyone remember last years allstar game? i'd like Sammy's first turn at bat on video

  18. I'm surprised no one has brought that up yet. I think if there was any doubt that Sosa *wasn't* using steroids before that performance, all the doubt were dispelled. You could see the rage in his eyes and test through his veins. hehe. I knew judging by his reaction to the reporter that he was definitely guilty. But I tihnk the all-star game solidfied suspicions for everyone..

  19. I thought all Sosa took were Flintstone Vitamins???? ... or so he said the year he and McGuire were going Head-to-head for the HR friend was convinced that vitamins could do that

    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  20. I read it in some forum, I think it was this the section about natural body-building. Someone was competing non-AAS, and the discussion was sparked that it is such a sad myth that people can achieve a certain level of gains without's just so demoralizing if you hold the false notion and feel inadequate all your life. The myth doesn't matter if you don't care about lifiting and putting on mass...but tragic if after years you just can't seem to reach that level beyond a general plateau. Not only do I have the smallest skeletal frame (small wrists, ribs, shoulders, etc.) in the world, not only do am a ectomorph type, I happen to be Asian and totally unsucceptible to muscle stimuls. I used to be 130 lbs. at 6'". Since 16 I've lifted, and I turn 22 this year, but without my first cycle of AAS coming up I don't think I could ever reach 200. Currently I'm hovering around 185. As I go through my 10 week cycle, I plan on taking a picture every week...this should be miraculous...

    if I don't put on the expected weight from this, I totally think I should just kill myself. (figuratively). I mean, AAS is the last resort right? My workout ethic is unbelievable, appetite is enormous...there's not much else I can improve on in terms of effort. I'm gonna make a post asking some questions about supplementing during this cycle.


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