Helladrol and gyno concern

  1. Helladrol and gyno concern

    I'm into my 4th week of hella and have become concerned that I may be experiencing slight gyno on one side. It's always been difficult for me to tell as I've stored fat around the pecs(evidently I need to be 11-12% to drop this, I was over 40% at one time.) On the left side I can feel someonthing behind my nipple that is about the dimensions of a poker chip, thin, and it has been slightly sore for about 10 days now. As a precaution I grabbed formastanzol from a buddy and started at 4 pump am and 4 pm, worked up to 6 am and 6pm today. Any advice on what I should try? As an increased concern I had planned on starting to dose DHEA to combat the EXTREME lethagy that I've been experiencing, however I feel like I've ready DHEA can increase estrogen levels. At this point looking for info from the FAR more experienced community here.

  2. I didn't want to jump into taking anything else without the advice of the wealth of knowledge here.

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