Anyone familiar with TRN-MASS from Liquid Labs?

  1. Anyone familiar with TRN-MASS from Liquid Labs?

    I recently discovered a line of progestin-based PH's from a company called Liquid Labs. I understand that some of their products are copycats of products in the Taurus Nutrition lineup, but one of their products, TRN-MASS, contains a list of progestins that I can't seem to find any information on:

    Estra-4-ene-3b-ol-17-one - 5mg

    17alphaHydroxy-Pregna-1,4-Diene-17,20-Dione - 10mg

    17alphaHydroxy-Pregna-1,4, 6-Triene- 17,20-Dione - 2mg

    I would appreciate any information that could be shared regarding the potential effectiveness (ineffectiveness?) of this product. I understand that most progestins need to be dosed highly, but the company that makes these products claims that the dosage amounts are standardized to 8 mL/day, so they seem to have that base covered.

  2. BOO to them for trying to copy taurus. I guess some companies can't think for themselves.

  3. I agree, but those particular progestins don't seem to be found in any products currently being manufactured by Taurus. Does anyone know what they might convert to?

  4. I was just giving this a quick bump in case anyone who knows anything about the progestins contained in this product is currently browsing the forum. I was comparing TRN-MASS to Taurus's products, and even though some of the progestins have similar nomenclature, the TRN-MASS progestin ends with 17,20-Dione while those in Taurus's products end with 3,20-Dione. Does this difference carry any significance?

    Also, does anyone know what Estra-4-ene-3b-ol-17-one is? I Googled it but couldn't really find anything...

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