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  1. Found this at mestanolone

    Giant Nutrition announces the newest, and to date the greatest breakthrough in methylated androgen technology - STS-646 (aka mestanolone). This product is available as of today through

    Read below to learn more about one of the most famous - and infamous - steroid compounds of all time. And then order your own bottles while the product is still legal and in stock (which won't be for very long!!!!)


    The Ultimate in Pre-workout ‘Testosterone’?

    It’s out there somewhere. Statistically speaking, it could be argued, there is a chance that nature is hiding 5alpha-androstan-17alpha-methyl-17beta-ol-3-one (a.k.a. 17alpha-methyldihydrotestosterone, or mestanolone). Maybe it is in some plant, an undiscovered species of sea cucumber, or some other form of life. It may even be circulating through your blood at this very moment.

    STS-646: What made it so popular with the Germans?

    But obtaining the compound in useful quantities from nature would likely be prohibitively inefficient. So human beings decided to craft it for themselves. This allowed scientists from Germany, the nation responsible for developing some of the planet’s most buff athletes, and, more recently, bringing us the 4.5-year-old ‘Muscle Boy’, to begin experimenting with it. They affectionately gave it the code name ‘STS-646’ and tested it on humans. That’s when something surprising took place.

    A pair of scientists patented STS-646 upon discovering, quite by accident, that its oral administration “led to an optimization of the central nervous system [CNS] activation? in humans during physically stressful tasks (U.S. Patent #5,591,732). Translation: STS-646 enables your brain and spinal cord (i.e., the CNS) to orchestrate muscular activity more efficiently. It thereby enhances athletic performance.

    STS-646 was commercialized in a number of countries, including the United States. So what happened to it? Was it not all it was cracked up to be? Did its ‘bad’ effects outweigh the ‘good’?

    Some nations still sell STS-646, usually under the generic name mestanolone. Perhaps the biggest single challenge faced by the drug was the insatiable human appetite for new drugs. Scientists like to tinker. Thus, they continued to synthesize away with their chemistry sets, hoping that they could produce something better, or at least, usefully different.

    “Nonetheless,? one well-known steroid industry expert and chemist (who wishes to remain anonymous) remarked to me the other day, “for performance enhancement [STS-646] remains one of the best. The East Germans had dozens of compounds at their disposal; they chose it as one of their faves for a reason…?

    “One of their faves?, indeed. It has been reported that STS-646 was one of the East German government’s most popular doping substances in competitive sport; the second most frequently used oral androgenic steroid overall (Franke and Berendonk, 1997). Clearly, it must have done something worthwhile.

    Image: Chemical structure of STS-646. Molecular formula C20H32O2.

    But does it build muscle?

    Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t care too much about athletic performance. I’m more of a cosmetic bodybuilder, constantly trying (but never quite managing) to please my vain ego. I just want to look good.

    Still I’m always on the lookout for a safe and reliable workout intensifier, something that can give me a pleasant boost of mood, greater muscular ‘oomph’, and better pumps. All of this can be argued to enhance my ability to build muscle. All of this has been suggested to be possible with oral administration of STS-646.

    There’s that word again –‘suggested’. Too often it is a disguise for “I heard it through the grapevine? or something equally dubious. And so it is here. Indeed, if you’re looking for double-blinded clinical studies to provide evidence that STS-646 will make your muscles bigger and leaner, then you’re fresh out of luck. As is often the case in bodybuilding, the knowledge about drugs like STS-646 is largely empirical, based more on observation (i.e., ‘real-world’ trial and error) than rigid scientific scrutiny.
    So what are ‘real-world’ STS-646 users saying? Are there any?

    Below I’ve pasted some feedback from STS-646 (mestanolone) users collected off of various online bodybuilding-related discussion forums. Granted, such forums aren’t the most reliable source of information; nevertheless, their comments can provide some interesting, if not useful, insights. Usernames have been omitted to protect the guilty.

    “[Mestanolone] has passed with flying colors so far in the first 10 days of a 20 day trial run.

    The dosage was set at 2 capsules per day and the length of the administration has been 10 days thus far.


    -Noticeable fat tissue reduction
    -Muscle hardening
    -Slight jump in energy when administered within one hour of an afternoon training session
    -Nice moderate pump
    -Moderate strength increase
    -No joint pain (as often experienced with winny) [Winstrol]?

    “It's great on low cal diets when body fat is low enough...good pumps

    “It’s an awesome cutting drug…

    “…I love [mestanolone]…super strength, water loss, ripped to the bone, increased libido, no aggression changes.?

    “I tried [mestanolone] a long time ago. It was a very good drug for strength and made me feel pumped. It did not bloat me. I did not crash coming off of it either. I had no gyno problems on it.?

    DHT: Does it tell us anything useful about STS-646?

    In chemical lingo STS-646 is known as 17alpha-methyldihydrotestosterone, or 17alpha-methyl-DHT. Because it has an ‘alkyl’ group at the 17 position in the molecule (specifically, a methyl, or CH3, group), it may also be classified as a ‘Class 3’ anabolic-androgenic steroid. In case you’re interested, this class also includes oxymetholone, stanazolol, methandrostenolone and 17-alpha-methyltestosterone. The addition of the alkyl group to the carbon atom at the 17 position is thought to drastically reduce the speed of those biochemical reactions which normally act to reduce the drug’s activity when taken orally.

    Many of you may be quite familiar with DHT. You may have even come to despise it. Your body converts testosterone into a variety of compounds all day long, one of them being DHT. Another is estradiol, the most potent estrogen. Hormones like testosterone, estradiol and DHT transmit biological signals by fitting into specific receptors found inside the target cell (e.g., a muscle fiber). This is somewhat like how a key fits into a lock. The consensus scientific opinion is that testosterone and DHT transmit their signals via the same receptor, known as the androgen receptor, or AR.

    As far as its attraction for the AR is concerned, DHT is about 3 to 4 times ‘stickier’ than testosterone itself. Thus, once it fits itself into the AR, DHT tends to reside there quite a bit longer. The result is that it can transmit ‘louder’ biological signals.

    What kind of signals does DHT send? DHT is often blamed for the ‘androgenic’ effects of anabolic-androgenic steroids, some of which are viewed with disdain: hair loss, acne, aggression, cardiovascular effects (e.g., hypertension, proatherogenic events), prostate enlargement, and so on.

    Of particular interest to the bodybuilder is that DHT is typically regarded as being rather weak in the muscle-building department. However, like the purported link between DHT and prostate disease, among others, the issue of whether DHT can build muscle or not seems to be far from conclusive. Bhasin (1998) relates:

    “We do not know if the anabolic effects of testosterone require its conversion to dihydrotestosterone by 5-alpha-reductase. Although there is a small amount of 5-alpha-reductase activity within the muscle, 5-alpha reduction does not appear to be obligatory for mediating androgen effects on the muscle. For instance, patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy who have been treated with the 5- alpha-reductase inhibitor finasteride do not experience muscle wasting. Similarly, patients with congenital deficiency of 5-alpha reductase enzyme have normal muscle mass.?

    [Author’s note: Patients with a deficiency of so-called ‘type II’ 5-alpha reductase can still have detectable levels of circulating DHT, possibly the result of production by the type I form of the enzyme. Also, although muscle is thought to express relatively little 5-alpha reductase activity, it does contain a substantial amount of DHT, presumably supplied by diffusion from the bloodstream. Finally, when prostate cancer patients undergo androgen deprivation therapy (characterized by drastically reduced levels of testosterone + DHT), they experience muscle wasting.]

    If in fact DHT is a poor muscle-builder, this may have something to do with (forgive me here) 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase. This enzyme, which is believed to occur in muscle tissue, can convert DHT into 3-alpha androstanediol. The latter is thought to show little or no ‘stickiness’ for the AR. In other words, any flaming androgen (i.e., DHT) entering your muscle fibers is more likely to be doused with water (i.e., inactivated by 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase) than it is to attach itself to the AR and transmit a muscle-building smoke signal. Or so the theory goes

  2. Interesting post Bro.
    Although most of the chemistry and other facts listed are more or less the truth, one must take it with a grain of salt since it came from someone trying to sell us something. The first thought I had was "Why would someone want Methyl-DHT?". It does stand to reason that DHT and its analogs have that great CNS effect and a hardening effect. His facts about 3 alpha reductase attacking DHT in muscle are right too. This however does not mean that having a methyl group will prevent this attack. Further if you think about it anyone who took Methyl Test had Methyl DHT in them, as this compound would logically be the 5 alpha reduced metabolite of Methyl Test. I dont think Methyl Test is all that swell as a muscle builder, therefore I doubt this compound will be either. However this may be very useful as a preworkout stimulant or for powerlifting. If you buy it and eat some let us know what happens to you, it would be interesting to know.

  3. I think you have it backwards, methyl-test should reduce to methyl dht just as test reduces to dht. Test is actually a prohormone to DHT.

    Some of you may remember my hints for teh truly hardcore supp This is it. If you liked M5AA you love this. But as said it wont be for everyone, and its probably better that way.

  4. Rubbing his bald head wondering where his hair went after this cycle.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    I think you have it backwards, methyl-test should reduce to methyl dht just as test reduces to dht. Test is actually a prohormone to DHT.

    Some of you may remember my hints for teh truly hardcore supp This is it. If you liked M5AA you love this. But as said it wont be for everyone, and its probably better that way.
    You still coming out with this? And what kind of similarities will it have to m5??


  6. I knew of this coming out, and could have jumped on it, but I think it would scare many away, simply because of the name, regardless of what it actually does. BTW, the company that put this out has some interesting things in the works if they have time.

  7. So it is a steroid, no conversion, and is M-DHT?

  8. If this is better than M5AA, i'm gonna stock up on this "hair-stripping" ph cuz i got alot of hair to spare.

  9. I assume this would be comparable to proviron? or does the 17aa change it completely?

  10. so similar to m5 but it does not have to convert. if I stock up on customs hair products it would be a good cycle? whats everyone think about this new product?

  11. Hair is overrated!

    Of course, I had MPB symptoms at 18 and have been shaving my head for the last 5 years.

    Any idea on liver toxicity Sledge?

  12. Ill have it next week, I told you guys that it was hardcore. It already active, it requires no conversion, its what m5aa converts into. so if you liked m5aa youll love this.

  13. cool I'll wait for sledge

  14. Bump, I will wait for sledge also, you gonna be cheaper or same price as these guys?

  15. He said the staring price will be around 27 bones. I'm assuming since it is the parent hormone that we will need much less mgs than m5aa. Hmmm this should be a very good hardening agent.

  16. So lets get this straight you can only get mpb if it is in you family genes. My
    whole family has alot of hair.

  17. id be more worried about my prostate personally.. but thats prob cause Im already bald

  18. I will be taking beta sisterol and pumpkin seeds every day while on it. Mabye some Finasteride.

  19. Mee too if i decide to get some. Have to figure it out in what cycle to put in.

  20. Who is "Giant Nutrition?"

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    I think you have it backwards, methyl-test should reduce to methyl dht just as test reduces to dht. Test is actually a prohormone to DHT.

    Some of you may remember my hints for teh truly hardcore supp This is it. If you liked M5AA you love this. But as said it wont be for everyone, and its probably better that way.
    Nope I didn't get it backwards. We said the same thing, you just have better command of the english language and said it more clearly. Methyl-Test is metabolized to Methyl-DHT.
    I had another thought while we're on it. Most of the powerful effects of DHT on the central nervous system are mediated through its 3alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3alpha-HSD) reduced metabolite 3alpha-androstanediol (3alpha-diol). In light of this it stands to reason that the CNS effects of this new methyl compound are likely mediated via its 3alpha-HSD reduced metabolite. So here is where it gets interesting: 5-alpha reductase (5-AR) works only in one direction to convert Test to DHT, hence why DHT does not aromatize, since it can't be converted back to Test. 3alpha-HSD on the other hand is reversible, meaning that having DHT will inevitably lead to the presence of 3alpha-diol. The opposite is also true. So the bigger question is this, Are there any plans in the works to market a methylated 3alpha-diol analog?

  22. if sledge has not told anybody about his new methyls, how is it that giant has the same new methyl out about the same time?

  23. well, sledge isnt the only ph developer on the market.

    alexander grahm bell barely beat elisha gray for the telephone patent by a few hours

  24. Damn...I might have to get this and hope I don't go bald while using


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