Trans 1-test vs 1ad

  1. Question Trans 1-test vs 1ad

    What amount of trans 1-test would be equivalent to 300mg of oral 1ad?

  2. You should have worded that the other way around since 1-ad converts to 1-test. The answer. . . I have no idea, but not very much that's for sure.


  3. yeah my guess would be about 36mg of 1test.

  4. And to think that I got pretty decent gains off of 300 mgs 1ad.

  5. i think it would be more like 100-120mg of 1-test from 1-ad i think the conversion rate is fairly decent around 40%

  6. bump for more info.

  7. Nobody knows the exact conversion rate of 1ad, or the exact absorption rate of transdermal 1-test.

    We do know that 1-test is superior due to no conversion needed, & much better absorption. Don't bother with 1ad unless you like spending more money for less results, or it's somehow saved from the ban & 1-test is no longer available.


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