Im new around these parts and have a few questions about tren.

Im 31, 5'9", 83kg and have a few cycles under my belt now, all low dose test based with and without orals. This is my first cycle larger which I am incorporating trenů looks like this:

1-4 > Test Prop @ 500mg/week
1-14 > Test E @ 600mg/week
4-12 > Tren Ace @ 75mg ED
7-14 > Masteron Prop @ 100mg/EOD
4-14 > HCG @ 250iu x 2/week
1-14 > Liquidex @ .25mg ED
4-14 > Prami @ .5mg ED

Question is this:

When I started I bumped up from 79kg to 83kg during the first weeks on testů but I have been running the tren now for just over two weeks, yet my weight is still pegged at 83kg, won't budge. Now, I have been leaning out, so it is possible that the fat loss to muscle gain switch is the culprit, however I have been noticing that my size is increasing (judging by how my clothes fit) and my strength is way upů so should I not be gaining weight?

I guess I am not terribly concered about this as I know size gain does not necessarily equal weight gain, but I am just wondering if this is normal result of running tren or if I am missing something?