Current Cycle any thoughts?

  1. Current Cycle any thoughts?

    M1T 20mgs 4wks
    4ad transdermal wit 6 grams 4ad +2grams 4oht 4 weeks
    5aacyp 8 weeks @ 600mg per week
    20 mg nolva per day for weeks 2 through 5

    then 3 wks pct
    week 1 60 mgs nolva per day
    week 2 40 mgs per day plus tribulis and creatine
    week 3 20 mgs per day plus creatine and tribulis

    any thoughts or suggestions

  2. I moved it but just a heads up to put your thread in the right section. J

  3. 1. How much 4-AD trans are you actually getting daily ?
    2. 10 mg of Nolva during the cycle is enough for gyno concerns during cycle IMO.
    3. Is this a bulking or cutting cycle ? It would help us make better recommendations.
    4. If this is your first cycle, you may wanna go with 1-Test transdermal or 1-Test Cyp (great stuff)
    5. You may get flamed for starting a cycle at 20 years old so don't take flames personally we're trying to steer you in the right direction

  4. yea i know im a bit young this is going to be my third experience with m1t over the last year and a half ... i will be bulking for the first 4 weeks and then i will be cutting for the duration..... i also will be using clenbuterol 2 weeks on 2 weeks off thruought the cycle.... taking in apporiximately 4000 cals a day and training westside

  5. If you're taking Clen M1T simultaneously than you better watch your blood pressure. Some Celery and Hawthorne could come in handy

  6. I would run that pct for another two weeks.



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