OK, I have been taking 2 (5mg caplets) a day for a week now and noticed nothing except more vivid dreams, and more frequent boners when waking up.

I have taken 3 a day for one day and it feels like I drank 15 cups of coffee, but without the unpleasant nervousness. Still sorta jittery though (like I catch myself bouncing my leg under the desk all the time).

I have not gained an ounce, am not any stronger, BUT, I recover more quickily from my BJJ workouts (which was my whole point). Before this stuff kicked in I would be a wreck for a day or two after each hard workout, sleeping a lot, grouchy. Now, I sleep pretty hard after the workout (one no gi and one gi class, both with pretty intense cardio and calisthenic warmups), and I am fine the next day. Well not completely, but much more so than before.

I think that 15 mg is more than I like, so I may look for a different brand of MHN that comes in 4mg aplets so I can take 12mg.

What else... I sleep much less on off days, and have high energy levels. I've always been impatient and quick to blow up, and that hasn't changed any. No acne, no raisin balls, most joints feel real good (excpet for a couple that are injured). Blood pressure has not increased significantly.

So, lets see what the next weeks bring...

BTW, I am 5'10", about 166lbs, low BF (10-12%), 33 years old