GET HUGE...desire...solve the puzzle

  1. GET HUGE...desire...solve the puzzle

    hello everybody! i'm training about 3 years in bb and 6 years in martial arts. i want to gain about 25 pounds of muscles. during the period of 3 years i've gained 30 pounds. now i'm 5-10 and 188 pounds with 8 % bf. my stats for 2day
    bench - 230 lb x 5
    deadlift - 280 lb x 5
    squats- 275 lb x 5
    my experience in the past was with creatine (meta cell works awesome), glutamine (pro lab -not bad), protein shakes (meta-rx -numero uno, champion nutr. pretty good in all areas), gainers ( n large-2 - i think it's working).
    now i have m1t (andro technologies), methyl-d (dienolone), thistle milk, detox support (for liver) and tibosten (tribulus)
    my plan:
    2 weeks m1t
    2 weeks methyl-d
    2 weeks m1t
    2 weeks methyl-d
    4 weeks tribosten
    (all the time take detox support and thistle milk)
    is it possible to gain for this period of time about 25 pounds if i'm eating about 8-9 times a day and getting about 300g of protein?
    how many days a weeks i should train with such a cycle?
    sorry, i have so many questions.........
    THANK U VERY MUCH for UR opinions and critics....!
    by the way i'm 20

  2. Thats 8 weeks of of meth cycle ur livers not gonna exist after this and ur
    gonna need some 4ad leth is gonna kill you on m1t

  3. you might need to rethink that cycle. i would go
    2 weeks M1T
    2 weeks PCT
    2 weeks M1T
    4 weeks PCT



    4-6 weeks methyl D
    4-6 weeks OFF

    methlyated steroids (m1t and methyl d ARE steroids) are very liver harmful, and will cause medical problems if abused in the long run. take some time to read through the threads on this forum for advice.

  4. I did not see anything for pct except trib. you need some nolva or clomid. and I agree with the above.

  5. any other opinions?
    what about another questions?

  6. I agree with Chasec and WW2. I think your goal to gain 25 lbs is attainable, however, in the time limit you want it in, it won't be LBM. I can gain 25 lbs in two months without supps/aas's, but my b/f percentage would skyrocket.

    You need to research more about the compounds you are wanting to cycle with. Learn from others successes and their failures. Go to the Prohormone section, Cycle section, Nutrition and Diet section, and read up. There is a ton of info there for you. Also, you really need to learn about proper PCT and the ancillaries to go with it. PCT will dictate largely what gains you will keep.

    Best of luck to you.

  7. That cycle would be absolutely psychotic. Not a good idea for your long term health. They'd be showing pics of your liver in high school health class textbooks. I would not use m1t for your 1st cycle either.

    Try a 6-8 week cycle of 1-test & 4ad. You should be able to gain near 20lbs & it will be much easier to keep the gains than a quick m1t run. You'll be shocked how good the gains are on a 1st cycle using 1test/4ad.

    Gaining 25 pounds in that time is possible, but it would be mostly water & some fat. If you run a nice solid cycle, you could gain about 20 lbs & keep most of it (15-16lbs maybe). You said yourself it took you 3 years to put on 30 lbs of LBM, and the first 30 is much easier than the next 30, believe me. If you are gonna put on 30 lbs in only a few weeks or months, you'll have to kiss that 8% BF goodbye.

    It just doesn't work that way. If it did, everyone would be huge & ripped.

  8. Bro you got some serious research to do. First off you are only 19, which at your age androgens can really screw you up. Second at 19 you should still be able to train and diet properly and make the gains you seek. Check out the board, and read all of the stickies, then ask some questions. Good luck.

  9. Definitely get some nolva for pct.


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