m1t,1test trans,4ad trans cycle

  1. m1t,1test trans,4ad trans cycle

    I wana run a long cycle and im thinking about doing it like so...

    weeks 1-4 m1t
    weeks 1-8 4ad
    weeks 1-8 1test

    I have my own idea for doses and such but I wanted to see other peoples doses for a 4ad 1test trans cycle. Thanks.

  2. I im running that cycle right now. I actually had to drop the m1t cause i couldn't handle the low back tightness.

    As for 1t, and 4 ad, im using super 1+ at a double dose.
    So its roughly 200mg's 1 test, 300mg's 4 ad, probably a little more but around these numbers.

    I weight less then you (200) so a higher dose might suite u better.

  3. Yikes! Im about to do same thing 1-2m1t 1-6 400mg 1test and 470mg 4ad
    I weigh 200 too hope it dont kill me.

  4. I go with 2X as much 4AD as 1T t/d, so if I do 600mg 4AD it would be 300mg 1T. I think I'll try it more evenly matched next time, maybe equal amounts of each. I'll probably use M1T again too. My last cycle I dropped everything by 50% because I was so bloated. I think 200-400mg 4AD and 100-200 1T would work well, with 5-10mg M1T if you feel you can handle it. Use taurine, potassium, and 1-2 gal H20/day to combat those sides. And letro took care of that godawful bloat. I'd lose the 4AD for weeks 7-8 as well, so you can harden up a bit at the end. Maybe mix in something else there at the end to assist in this, although its certainly not necessarry. Good luck, stay intense!

  5. I'll add that im very bloated.



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